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Brent Price

About me . . . How did I get here & why do you care? And more importantly what does it mean to you?
A teenage after-school job as a newspaper advertising proof runner (that’s a mouthful) taught me to smile, speak up and shake the hand of local business people. Responsibility, problem solving, time management, interacting with people, dealing with conflict and building trust all grew out of that first real-life experience.

Another thing developed during that time . . . a passion for design, an interest in marketing and the honing of hands-on production skills. Some 30 years later my professional journey has provided me with a wealth of experience and a skill set in corporate and retail marketing, agency and media.

The stops along the way included a daily newspaper, a sales promotion firm, a regional public relations business, a national design & advertising agency, a family retail computer & office supply operation and a multi-branded international manufacturer and marketer.


Today the emphasis is on you – taking that wide array of experiences and putting it to work for your business. Give me a call and let’s see what we can do together!


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